Transforming your ideas into metal.

Get your end product in one place.
  • Machining

    Our main activity is metal machining that incorporates turning, milling and drilling with various specialized machines, which we have at our disposal.

  • CNC sheet metal cutting

    There is no perfect product without high-quality sheet metal cutting. We provide cutting services for sheet metal with dimensions 2 × 6 m, and 1 to 80 mm in thickness.

  • Metal-working

    We perform all basic metal-working processes, including coupling, welding, bending, product alignment, and stress annealing.

  • Blasting and painting

    We take care of both surface protection of metal products with blasting in a blasting cabinet, and final appearance of product by applying colour to it in a painting cabin.

We are a family company with long tradition of metal processing. Our expert approach and technology enable fast and quality production of all metal elements. Our activities are mainly directed at the production of machine parts and production lines for robotic industry.